Supply Update

Empty supermarket shelves are becoming common place and some supermarkets have had to restrict on-line ordering which is making the sourcing of food a challenge. We’re very pleased to say that we’re well stocked and have plenty available but we encourage people to please only purchase what is needed. We should then be able to maintain supply to everyone. Please read below for updates on couriers and bread deliveries.


We’re making some temporary changes to the way bread orders are processed to try and improve availability to you.

  • We’re essentially running a pre-order system. We will place orders with our suppliers on a Thursday and a Monday
  • When we place the Thursday supplier orders, the stock will be delivered to us on Monday and your order will be processed then.  
  • When we place the Monday supplier orders, the stock will be delivered to us on Thursday and your order will be processed then.
  • This will mean that your order will not be shipped immediately upon you placing your order with us. However, it will mean we’ll deliver you the freshest bread and we won’t run out of stock which is currently the case.
  • If a supplier is unable to deliver because of covid, then your bread purchase will be refunded.
  • If the supplier delivers later than we have communicated to you then you’ll be notified. You’ll have the choice of waiting for delivery or having your bread purchase refunded.
  • For faster delivery we encourage you to make a bread order that is separate from all of the other products you require.

Monday 1pm
Thursday 1pm


Couriers are under huge pressure nationwide which is causing delays.

 We haven't been significantly impacted so far but we’re aware this is likely to change so please keep this in mind and always order in advance rather than waiting until you have run out.

Couriers have advised that deliveries could be delayed by 7 days in the Auckland area.

 Please click on the below link to understand the courier status level in your area and be aware your delivery time will take longer than is normally the case. Thank you for your patience with our despatch and courier teams.