About Us

My name is Alan, and I love food. I love making it, sharing it and most of all, tasting it. However, my love affair with food changed when a health concern forced me to become gluten-free.

Avoiding a meat pie was easy (although I'd still love one), but it was a shock to discover how many foods contain gluten, even the soy sauce that I had on my yummy sushi. Sometimes, I bought foods I thought were gluten-free and found they weren't.

One day I returned from the supermarket with a product that was sugar-free, dairy-free, organic and everything else you could imagine except gluten-free. So, after throwing it in the bin, I remained hungry and $10 lighter and thought there must be a better way.

This was the lightbulb moment that led to the Gluten-Free Shop.

Our aim is to offer alternatives to products containing gluten and provide you with more choice. It’s early days for the Gluten-Free Shop, so if we don’t have the product you need, please let us know, and we'll do our best to find it.

When it comes to gluten-free food, we’re all about making life as normal as possible. We provide the recipes and ingredients to make yummy meals, plus quick and easy ready-mix options.

We're not a health company, so we're not here to tell you what to eat. We're here to create choices you may not have known about, including savouries, sweets, quick snacks and family meals.

For those with coeliac disease, eating the wrong food can be disastrous. The Gluten-Free Shop has created a filter to quickly identify products with the Coeliac NZ cross-grain logo. If you are coeliac, use the filter to make your shopping experience safe and easy. You can also do the same if you're looking for dairy-free, FODMAP, keto or other allergens.

The Gluten-Free Shop launch has been such an enjoyable experience because it's been a family affair. My wife and daughters have helped with lots of creative suggestions and have enjoyed taste testing the recipes. My design guru and sister-in-law Stephanie has built this fantastic website and created our marketing materials. Family friend Jo, who is gluten-free, finds fabulous products, handles all social media, and deals with customer service. Ask a question, and Jo will be there to help you.

When it comes to sustainability, I’ll leave these little cherubs to do the talking.

Alan Morpeth - Gluten Free Shop

Whether you're a first-time or repeat customer, knowing you're dealing with a reputable business is essential. 

We're thrilled that Health 2000, New Zealand's largest natural health retailer, believes in the business, has invested in it, and handles all the products and deliveries. We’re also delighted to have the qualified staff at Health 2000 write blogs providing great educational content for our new community. So, take a read, make comments and ask questions. The Health 2000 team would love to hear from you.


We have some great features on the site to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. Check out some of the ways to find what you need below.

Shop via Category

Use the mega menu to view one of 17 product categories. Once inside the category you can drill down by using the sidebar filter to select product type, allergen, and brand.

Shop via Allergen

Use the mega menu to select one of 11 allergen types. This will display all site products tagged with the allergen.

Combine Allergens

Shop using multiple allergens by selecting ALL products, or a particular category. Use the sidebar filter to select multiple allergens. Only products with all filter selections will display in the filtered result.

Product Type

The product type can be found at the top of the sidebar filter, enabling you to quickly filter and drill down through the category products.

Shopping List

While viewing a product list, click the heart icon on the top left corner of the product to add it to your Wishlist. Create multiple  shopping lists which can be used for quick purchase next time! Don't forget to create an account!

Search Function

Use the search function in the menu bar to quickly search for a brand, product type or anything else you might need!


We can only achieve our purpose with your help. Some gluten-free food tastes amazing, and some tastes like cardboard. We need your feedback and welcome your reviews. Tell us about the taste, texture or preparation time. Your feedback will help create a supportive community, making a gluten-free lifestyle more manageable for all.  

We’re excited by this new venture and want to provide you with the best products, information and recipes. If we can improve on things, please let us know – the more you help us to help you, the better.

Happy gluten-free eating!
Alan and the Team