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Lincoln Bakery Neutral 60mm Pastry Shell - BBD 21st April

Gluten FreeWheat FreeNut FreePalm Oil FreeNon GMO

Pastry Shells can be filled and re-baked for 10-15 minutes in a moderate oven. Be sure not to over bake as this will result in a dryer, darkened product. Mushroom Tarts: Finely dice mushroom and onion and saute lightly in butter. Thicken with a little maize flour. Fill shells and garnish with parsley. Patry shells can be filled with Sour Cream and garnished with either Salmon, Prawns or Brie Cheese. Can be filled with Pesto and topped with a slice of Sundried Tomato.

ON SPECIAL:  Best Before Date 21st April


PLEASE NOTE: We do our best to handle and pack this product carefully to avoid breakage but due to the nature of this product we cannot guarantee product will arrive undamaged.